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Car & Coach Rental in Amritsar

Car & Coach Rental in Amritsar

While travelling, using public transport could be a cheap option. But there are many cons to it as well. You would be dropped at a local spot from where you might have to walk a long distance. The hot and humid weather could be a real bummer along with the inconvenience it would be causing you.

Thus, Rehmat Tour and Travel provide you with book a car on rent option. This is one of the most convenient options with which you could travel to all your favourite spot at your own convenience. We have different car models and you could book depending on what your budget is and the number of people you are travelling with.

Being in the business for quite a long time, we understand how comfortable and luxurious travelling in your own hired car could be. Whether you want a luxurious car, SUVs or standard ones, we could book them all for you. Many travellers who have visited Amritsar have opted to book a car on rent in Amritsar.

We could book your car for other destinations as well. Being in the industry for a long time, we understand what your requirements are. We offer you various offers and discount rates too to help you travel luxury without overruling your budget.

Our company was established in 2010 and since then we have served quite a lot of clientele. We would give you no chance to feel disappointed in what we have to offer. Give us a call so that we could easily provide you with quotes on what your travelling cost would be.

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